About Us

Pumice and Stone started in Portland, Oregon as a lifestyle change, in pursuit of safer products for family and friends. It also suited our effort to be a part of the change needed for a healthier environment. Our approach aligns with our mission to make a commitment to the health of all, including the planet. 

Pumice and Stone has thrived in small towns and farmers markets and continues to grow. We do small batches made by hand that gives it that human touch. Our oils are certified organic and we try to source all our ingredients organic when possible. Vegans love our soaps too and we never use synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives. We use only pure essential oils!

Our ingredients are carefully selected and we are always in pursuit of local ingredients from our farmers markets and coops. 

We are members of the Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

We pass on our passion to you and the values we believe in, natural ingredients, healthy living and the love for the environment and our future!